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roof-replacements-palm-beachYour Palm Beach professional roof replacement company at PMI Remodeling & Repairs offers you affordable and efficient roof replacements for your Palm Beach area home or commercial properties. As the area’s most trusted residential and commercial roofing replacement company, our licensed professional roofers replace your roof quickly with minimal interruption to your busy life.

We provide high quality roof replacements and other services according to local building code requirements and handle the process from beginning to end including the obtaining of permits and passing of inspections. For roof replacements you can count on, contact PMI Remodeling & Repairs located in nearby Vero Beach!

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Storm Damage Roof Replacement

One of the main reasons our customers call on us to replace their roofs is damages done by storms that travel through the Palm Beach area. These heavy storms can produce a lot of chaos for our roofs with high winds, hail, rain, and debris dropping or flying about from dead or dying tree limbs.

Many homes in the Palm Beach area need roof repairs. On an older roof system, the shingles just can’t hold up any longer and give way to tearing, cracking, or impacts. It may not take much to make a roof with old materials cave or give way, but generally it’s most often just the outer layers of the roof that need replacement.

Whether it’s just your shingles or your roof structure also needs further repair, we can replace your roof entirely and rebuild it if necessary. We replace both residential and commercial roofs and have over 40 years of combined experience in both industries.

Aging Roof Replacement

There are times you happen to have a few shingles knocked off your roof and the last thing you’re thinking is that your roof is old enough to need replacement. However, roofs can degrade quicker than you’d think they would due to common problems. In our area, it’s common for roofs to have a low pitch, which only adds to roof problems.

Low pitched roofs are generally found in warmer climates, but they have problems with rain drainage and debris collecting. These two combinations work together to destroy your roof surfaces.

Algae Causing The Need For Roof Replacements?

Also, algae growth is common in regions of the country with high humidity. Areas of your roof that don’t see much sunlight can harbor the growth of algae, even if you keep the debris off. Algae uses the limestone in your asphalt roof shingles as sustenance, in other words algae eats your roofing shingle material. This causes your roof shingles to degrade much quicker than they should.

Common roof problems lead to weakened shingles that are easier to knock off your roof during a storm. And even if your roof shingles stay in tact, they can be cracking and need to be entirely replaced.

As your trusted professional Palm Beach roof replacement experts, PMI Remodeling & Repairs will always tell you the truth about your roof repairs. If you only need repairs, you can count on us to never mislead you about a replacement. Let us come out and check your roof if you see any reason you may have problems and we can make repairs or replacement before storm damages cause you even bigger roof problems!

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For quality, efficient and trustworthy Roof Replacements in the Palm Beach area, please call 561-798-5722 or complete our online request form.

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