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Fall Home Improvement and Remodeling Project Ideas

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Fall Home Improvement and Remodeling Project Ideas Summer vacations are over and now it is time to settle back into the swing of home life and think about remodeling. As the weather turns cooler and damper, it means more time spent with the family chilling in the Palm Beach homestead.

While fall and winter are not nearly as severe here as in other parts of the country, there is still a seasonal change. So, as you spend more evenings binge-watching TV shows and less time strolling the beach, there is usually a strong desire to renovate or improve the home.

The good news about home enhancement and remodeling tasks like this is that you not only get to enjoy it, this increases the property value of your home. So, what task or two will you take on this autumn?

Getting the Mindset to Work on Home Improvement & Remodeling

Ready to get motivated and call in a remodeling expert to handle your home improvement project? Here are a few ideas for a fall checklist:

  • Repair or replace your roof

    It may not be as much fun to take care of tasks that are not cosmetic, but it is usually more important. Fall is the perfect time to get your roof worked on. The grueling summer heat has passed and it is time to prepared for anything winter may bring. Once we are at the tail end of hurricane season, get the roofing work done.

  • Don’t forget the windows

    Older windows not only begin to look unsightly, they lack the proper energy-efficiency. You can improve the visual aesthetics of your home while also improving the energy-efficiency and that helps for a number of reasons. You can reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills plus make your household more Eco-friendly. Not to mention, newer windows offer better UV ray protection and that means no fading or damage to your floors or furnishings.

  • Painting is another great fall project

    And for both inside and out. This is an especially popular time to take care of painting the front door. This simple trick can make a huge difference in how the whole exterior looks. Plus, you may decide by spring you actually do want a whole new house painting.

  • Update the HVAC

    We rely on our cooing and even heating more than we realize. So, make it a point to have your tune-up and repairs done in fall before making the transition from air conditioning to heating. Make sure you are changing your filter each month, especially during times of peak use.

Make it a point to get the best in remodeling for your Palm Beach home and call PMI Remodeling & Repairs to get the job done.

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