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Your Lights Are Flickering: Do You Need Electrical Repairs?

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electrical-repairs-palm-beachUsually, flickering lights in your Palm Beach home are attributable to a problem with the light bulb. However, if you’ve replaced the bulb or bulbs and the lights are still flickering, it could be a sign that you may be in need of electrical repairs. There are several things to look for when trying to determine what’s causing this problem; in most cases, you’ll probably end up needing to call the experts at PMI Remodeling and Repairs for quality electrical repairs.

Are All Your Lights Flickering?

Is the problem occurring throughout your entire house, or is it restricted only certain lights? A bad connection or loose wire in a light socket can cause a particular light to flicker periodically. This may sound fairly simple, but the wiring involved is actually surprisingly complex, so chances are you’ll need professional electrical repairs.

If all or most of your household lighting keeps flickering, you may want to check whether it happens randomly, or only when a large appliance kicks on. If it’s not associated with a power-hungry appliance, there could be an issue with your meter base or main electrical panels. You’ll want to call PMI Remodeling and Repairs as soon as possible to have an electrician sent over to perform electrical repairs, since this is a relatively serious issue. If it is associated with an appliance—commonly an air conditioner or heat pump—you may want to have an electrician check to make sure that the appliance is wired up correctly and that no conductors are loose. If this isn’t the problem, it could be your meter base. It may be something to talk to your utility company about, although you should still talk to an electrician to make sure.

Always Leave Electrical Repair to the Professionals

Even seemingly minor electrical issues should always be handled by a qualified professional. It’s no secret that electricity is dangerous to work with. The skilled electricians at PMI Remodeling and Repairs are fully licensed, in accordance with state and national requirements. Before an aspiring electrician is even allowed to work without supervision, they must complete a full three to five years of apprenticeship. The extensive classroom instruction and on-the-job training required to work with electricity is because electrical wiring is both dangerous, and surprisingly complex. It takes a great deal of knowledge to approach even seemingly simple electrical repairs. No Palm Beach homeowner should be messing with the wiring in their home without knowing what they’re doing. Don’t go it alone; call the pros at PMI Remodeling and Repairs for the area’s most highly regarded electrical repair services. Their licensed electricians can easily identify and fix whatever problem is causing your perpetually flickering lights.

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