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4 Home Maintenance Ideas for Fall

4 Home Maintenance Ideas for Fall

School is back in session, which means that fall is just around the corner! Soon the weather will be cooling down and your schedule is likely to start filling up with fun fall activities. Now is a great time to examine your home maintenance routine and see if there are any overlooked parts of your home that could use updating or repair. If your Palm Beach home needs any repairs, upgrades, or even professional maintenance, give the experts at PMI Remodeling & Repairs a call today!

Drain Cleaning

Because your Palm Beach home plumbing system is mostly hidden from sight, it can easy to forget about routine plumbing maintenance. However, ignoring your plumbing can lead to clogs or leaks developing in your home, so make it a point to inspect your plumbing for signs of problems. If you have one or more drains that seem to be draining slowly, or if you detect an unpleasant odor coming from your drains, you could benefit from having your drains professionally cleaned. Our expert Palm Beach County plumbers will be able to professionally clean your drains, clearing any obstruction and eliminating unpleasant smells. We are also available to help with any of your other Palm Beach plumbing repair needs, from leaky pipes to broken faucets. Fall is the perfect time to catch up on home maintenance and make repairs and upgrades as needed, so contact our team today to schedule your plumbing repairs!

Panel Upgrades

Another vital, yet largely unseen, component of your home is your electrical system. Your home wiring is hidden in the walls, carrying electricity to each outlet so that you can power your lights, appliances, and television. Sometimes, the amount of electricity that your household uses is too much for your aging electrical system. If your Palm Beach County home is older, and you suspect that you are using more electricity than is safe for your home’s wiring, you may need to schedule a panel upgrade. Performed by a licensed and qualified electrician, a panel upgrade can increase the amount of electricity that your home can safely deliver to your outlets. Many electrical repairs, including panel upgrades, require your home’s electricity to be temporarily disconnected for safety. That makes fall a great time to schedule your Palm Beach panel upgrades or other electrical repairs, because your home can stay comfortable in the pleasant fall weather while our qualified technicians work to expertly repair your system. At PMI Remodeling & Repairs, our team of professional electricians is qualified to handle all your electrical repair needs, so give us a call to set up your appointment today!

Heating Repairs

Fall is just around the corner, and before you know it, winter will be here too. In Florida, our winters are often mild, but there are always at least a few serious cold snaps that make us turn our heaters on throughout the day. Now is a perfect time to make sure your heater is in good working order. If it is not, or if you suspect that your heater may need repairs, our HVAC specialists can help you with that. In fact, our experts can help you make sure that your heating and air conditioning system is in good working order so that your house can stay comfortable, no matter the weather!

Window Repair or Replacement

If you have windows that are cracked, drafty, hard to open, or have other problems, you may want to schedule window repairs before the first cold snap of winter. If you have a few windows with minor problems, in particular, our window repair services can set you right. Or, if think your window problems are more widespread, or if you are just looking to upgrade your home’s appearance and energy efficiency, you may want to choose total window replacement instead. Either way, our team of experts at PMI Remodeling & Repairs will work hard to make sure that you are beyond satisfied with your window repairs or upgrades.

This fall, take advantage of the changing seasons and let us help you catch up on some major home maintenance or home repair projects before your schedule fills up and the unpredictable winter weather sets in! From plumbing services to electrical repairs, to roofing and window replacement, our crew at PMI Remodeling & Repairs are local leaders in home repair and remodeling projects of all varieties. Contact us today to get started!

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